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All the traditional charm with modern technology

“Virgen de la Nieves” cooperative was founded on September, 27th of 1956 in Cenizate, province of Albacete (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). Its economic activity is the producing, aging, packaging and bottling of wines within our territorial area: La Manchuela county.

Nowadays, Virgen de las Nieves Winery is formed by 330 partners, which 33% of them are women and almost 100% are families of Cenizate.

Wine harvesting has being part of our cultural heritage since time inmemorial, passed on from parents to children as an incaculable value treasure. Since the traditional cave home or jaraíz, primitive press, until these days, where the most advanced technics of producing and quality control are used for elaborating wines.

Innovating and enterprise character of their wine-growers was what made Cenizate to become in the first town in Castilla-La Mancha where a modern system of redevelopment was deployed, not only for the winery but also for the vineyards:

• It is the only town in La Manchuela with plot concentration and, because of this, exploitation are in the best possible conditions.
• It was the only town in La Manchuela that carried out a vineyard restructuring, which started in 1986 by introducing new varieties of grafts, non-existant until then as Macabeo and Tempranillo (Cencibel), what resulted in an improvement of the wines.

Along last years more than 525 vineyard hectares have been restructured, what has involved an investment of 4,600,000 €. In addition, more than 353 hectares have been transformed investing 1,028,000 €, with the result of 2,500 vineyard hectares forming the winery.

Virgen de las Nieves quality and image is a sure bet that is already being profitable. The effort of its farmers, the love for its land and a cultura committed to wine are the main reasons that guarantee the success of this Cooperative.