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Spanish wines produced by a singular land:

Situación de la Bodega Placed between the valleys formed by rivers Jucar and Cabriel, in the Center-East of the Iberian Peninsula and within “Manchuela” Guarantee of Origin (Denominación de Origen), our vineyards are favored by very particular climate conditions. Clayey grounds with calcareous based thanks to the sediments from both rivers collect and preserve rain water when the grape is not grown yet.

Limited damp, with almost total absence of rains between May and September, as much as the great number of Sun hours received along its ripening allow a minimal risk of illness and, because of this, its quality is not affected by phytosanitary treatments.

Vineyards, harvested in a surface of 72 hectaré are located at an altitude between 600 and 1,100 meters above the sea in a continental climate, influenced by humid winds from the East.

La Rueda High daily temperatures, produced by West wind and night cool from Mediterranean breeze allow a slow ripening and perfect formation of grape polyphenols.

A charming county
Jucar valley is great communication route between East lands and the central plateau. This geograhpic permeability has always been a constant transfer of cultural, politic and economic influencies.  

This old county inherits traditions from different cultures, as much as it has been the home of fights, conquests and reconquests. All these events have created a character and culture exclusive of this area.